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Meet the Team


Dr Aaron McPherson (Chiropractor)

Dr Aaron McPherson

Chiropractic Made Sense

A graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 18 years ago, Dr Aaron McPherson (Chiropractor) knows how bad it feels when you are not at your best. Having experienced aches and pains as a child, he sought intermittent chiropractic care throughout his childhood, believing that chiropractic was only good for the relief of pain.

It was this experience that motivated him to become a chiropractor, and it was only after graduating that Aaron discovered the many other health benefits that can be experienced as a result of chiropractic care.

Offering state-of-the-art chiropractic care, supported by the highest level scientific research, Dr Aaron McPherson provides each of his patients with a trusted and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

A Unique Approach at Westernport Innate Chiropractic

Dr Aaron (Chiropractor) is passionate about providing you with the very best in chiropractic care. He does this by utilising a very gentle form of chiropractic that uses a hand-held rubber-tipped instrument to tap on specific areas of the spine, instead of the more traditional forms of chiropractic that rely on manual adjustments or cracking.

Life Outside the Office

A father to two young boys, Aaron is a committed family man. When not spending quality time with his family, Aaron loves to fish.

Having recently moved to Hastings from Bayswater North, Aaron and his family are really enjoying the friendliness of those they have met here, and the relaxed pace of life. This along with the beautiful scenery and beaches has helped Aaron and his family feel right at home here.

Dr Aaron McPherson (Chiropractor) would love the opportunity to help you feel revitalised and healthy!

To discuss how we can help, or to schedule your first visit with us, contact us today.

Call 03 5979 1772 for more information.


Dr.Claire Johns (Chiropractor)

My Chiropractic Journey


Dr.Claire Johns knows what is like to be in pain. Suffering from daily headaches as a teenager, it was this that initially lead Claire to receive chiropractic care. After a severe back injury she sustained at the age of 18, and finding that chiropractic care was what helped to overcome this, it then motivated her to go on and study chiropractic.

Having already experienced a gentle form of chiropractic as a teenager, it inspired Claire to also take this approach to providing chiropractic care. After working with Dr.Aaron as a receptionist throughout her university degree and seeing the results that this more gentle type of care can provide to patients, it just made sense.

Dr.Claire brings to the team a fresh perspective and the most current knowledge about the teaching and research surrounding chiropractic.

Life Outside the Office

When not at work, Dr Claire loves being outside, either by the beach, walking the dog, or being in the garden. Dr Claire is also a keen football supporter and so weekends during winter are often taken up by attending games.

Being from the country originally Dr Claire is loving now living on the Peninsula, for the more relaxed lifestyle and the friendly nature of the people around the area.

Dr Claire has a particular interest in helping people to improve their health. Dr Claire is currently taking new patients and is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. To book with Dr Claire please call 5979 1772, she’s really looking forward to helping you.

Cheryl | Chiropractic Assistant


Being born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula Cheryl never gets tired of the natural beauty of our parks and gardens, the choice of local wine, fresh produce, seafood and the opportunity to explore the many beaches that surround the Mornington Peninsula.

When not at work Cheryl enjoys photography, especially of our lovely beaches on both sides of the Peninsula. Cheryl also follows Supercar racing and enjoys going to the tracks around the country in support of Red Bull Racing and Autobarn Lowndes Racing.

Callum | Chiropractic Assistant


Callum is currently completing his 4th year of university at RMIT, where he is studying to become a Chiropractor. His chiropractic passion started at a very young age, seeing both personally and for family members the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Aside from studying, Callum is a keen performer of Musical Theatre, this is equally matched with his love of sport. Callum is thrilled to be a part of the Westernport Team and has felt very welcomed by all since starting in April.