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What to Expect

Your First Visit to Westernport Innate Chiropractic

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Your first visit with us will involve a thorough consultation, where we determine what the problem is and whether we can help you. During your first visit, you can expect your chiropractor, Dr Aaron McPherson to:

  • Take your medical history
  • Perform a full chiropractic and neurological exam
  • If it looks like we can help, Dr Aaron will perform an adjustment as well.

We advise patients to allow approximately fifty minutes for their first visit, which includes the paperwork. You can wear any comfortable clothing you’d like. None of the adjustments require the removal of clothing.

Follow-up Care

Your second visit involves the following:

  • An extensive report of findings
  • Analysis of the body’s response to the first adjustment
  • Formulation of a personalized care plan

The duration of all follow-up visits is typically about 10-20 minutes, allowing you to get on with your day quickly.

Track Your Progress

We are committed to offering the very best care to you, and understand that it’s important for you to not only feel the improvement but see how much you have improved. That’s why we advise all of our patients that after a few weeks we re-do the examination that was performed on the initial consultation to measure how much progress you have made, and to provide you with tangible, objectively measurable results.

Staying Well at Westernport Innate Chiropractic

We are committed to ensuring that you don’t just get well, but stay well! As our mission statement says, “Our mission is to provide excellent neurologically based chiropractic to all who seek it and by doing so, lift the collective consciousness of society to experience and expect a higher standard of wellbeing.

Call 03 5979 1772 to learn more about chiropractic care!